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Kanavu turned 6!

Read our co-founder’s reflections from the six years of working with schools and communities of rural Cuddalore. We have just finished our 6th academic year at our schools (4 of them catering to 1000 students) in rural Cuddalore.When I started my work here, after 7 years at Teach For India (as a fellow & staff), […]
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Happy 2022

“The pandemic is over? Or maybe not? Is it true that the third wave will impact children the most? Will there be a lockdown again? I hear that vaccines lead to infertility so I am nervous to get vaccinated! Is today a rain holiday? When is school re-opening?“ Hello! And welcome to 2022 at Kanavu […]
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Sura’s 2020 : from bags to masks

We carried a huge bag of dreams, stepped into 2020 as a year Sura will stabilize, streamline sales channels and reach more customers internationally. The first 2 months put us on a path to progress and the pandemic made the bag of dreams too heavy to carry – we couldn’t walk anymore with that bag […]
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