Category: Community Development

Shoba, the sofa.

‘What gives you comfort?’ was picked up as a prompt in our sharing circle. Ela started off sharing ‘sleep’ as the one thing in her life that provides her comfort. “It makes me overcome anything; because I HAVE to hold myself together to make things work at home,” she says. One can’t miss the grit […]
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Race of Privileges

“Let’s start the race- but this is a race with a twist! You will get instructions in a chit of paper and you will follow the instructions” shared the facilitator. Interest peaked, teachers were looking eagerly at Tamilarasi miss, who first opened her chit. ‘ You are a woman, move 5 steps backward’ whereas Karuthamma […]
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Salt Economics

The floor was swept, the room was cleared- a circle of tiffin boxes appeared. The aroma of food filled the air as we all opened our boxes. The box lid became a plate, where every teacher in the circle put out some food and passed it around. There was some discomfort as I followed suit- […]
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