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Salt Economics

The floor was swept, the room was cleared- a circle of tiffin boxes appeared. The aroma of food filled the air as we all opened our boxes. The box lid became a plate, where every teacher in the circle put out some food and passed it around. There was some discomfort as I followed suit- […]
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Chak De!

Me: Can you please introduce yourself?Sukanya: I am Sukanya; a sportswoman; studied in Cuddalore… I play cricket, kabaddi, and kho-kho…Me: Great, Why do you want to be a PeT teacher?Sukanya: I want to teach because I want to lead by example – I want to make sure girls play sports; I can train them and […]
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Super Substitute

Walking the extra mile for quality education A call from the HM… sharing that one of our teachers, Kani miss had an injury; requiring her rest her fractured leg for 6-7 weeks… discussed a few options to support the classroom, other teachers in school and the teacher herself. My thoughts stayed with our teacher and […]
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Inequity in Inches

In the first few months of SURA’s existence, stitching bags that were perfect in dimensions was possibly our biggest challenge. When the mothers from our community stitched 10 bags, each one would be of a different dimension – an inch or two longer or shorter. We started with math lessons on how to measure a […]
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Fine of 20 rupees

 Its 10:20 AM – SURA women are busy setting up the tailoring center for the day… Sandhya walks in, 5 minutes late. there is a momentary silence.. unsure glances… just the previous week, the team had decided that all latecomers pay a fine of Rs.20 – if they came in post 10:15 AM… ” en […]
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