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Little Super Star

“Miss: why exactly are your pants folded up on one leg? And why does this happen everyday?Student: Miss, this is Simbu style! I like it this way!Miss: Sure! But should we do this in school? With school uniform?Student: But it’s already 4 PM – School is over right?”Interactions like these, the small ones are so […]
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Floor Space & Stars

Here’s our story of appreciation and small acts of big love #humansofkanavu‘Children learn and grow in a positive environment of love and encouragement. We have to find ways to make our positivity and encouragement visible’ was a key message of our training on building a ‘Positive Classroom Culture’. Following this, teachers broke into smaller groups and […]
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Thinking Box!

“My students are always complaining- you are talking about problem solving in the world” sighed Gowthami miss in a teacher’s circle. “Have you tried using a complaint box?” I asked and it was drowned with apprehensions about children’s ability to write, remember about it in the heat of the moment. Other ideas flowed in, discussed […]
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Happy Expenses!

The women sit around in a circle – they look eagerly at Shivranjani, who begins the circle inviting everyone to share a moment of silence together. A sense of collective prevails, while everyone leaves their homes, its worries, unwashed uniforms and unpaid debts behind for a little while. Let’s talk about your “happy expense” says […]
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Race of Privileges

“Let’s start the race- but this is a race with a twist! You will get instructions in a chit of paper and you will follow the instructions” shared the facilitator. Interest peaked, teachers were looking eagerly at Tamilarasi miss, who first opened her chit. ‘ You are a woman, move 5 steps backward’ whereas Karuthamma […]
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‘You got mail!’

“Fumbled with the keys; unlocked it finallyBeads of perspiration trickled downMission accomplished- he felt the stress leave his neckHis first ever email just got sent”Here’s our story of #unlockingpotential with our #digitalliteracy program. Teachers who have seen a computer, now can access it, to teach and learn.
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Lights, Camera, Action!

The school was bustling with activity – students in classrooms, teachers walking around, working out some logistics – we were welcomed with big smiles and curious eyes. The videography crew set up the tripod, camera, and mike – teachers, and parents stood and watched carefully and we said, “Let’s start!” The teachers burst into a […]
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