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Dream. Act. Grow. Share.

“What’s our dream?” asks the teacher,“We won’t waste any food!” shouted the students in chorus!Students lined up with their bags – student leaders finished lunch quickly and walked around to monitor other students’ lunch box food spillage. The teacher sat with a few students who were more likely to spill food and helped them eat […]
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The Reality behind Quality

One of our very early days at Sura – a quality checking circle. A yellow bag was stitched with red thread, a blue one with a white thread, a few other bags were not precise in measurement- I segregated all of these. When the women were asked to identify what they thought was wrong with […]
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Kontemporary Kannagi

தலை முதல் கால் வரை கோவம்.அவள் துண்டு துண்டாக வெட்டி வீசினாள், ஏரித்தாள், புகைததாள், தீயில் இட்டாள்,கோவம் தணிந்தது,காலை தாமதமாக எழுந்த கோவம் வேகமாக மாறி, வேலைக்கு பஸ் புடிக்க அலறிப்பிடித்து கிளம்பும் நம்ப ஊரு கண்ணகி.Transliteration: Thalai mudhal kal varai kovam; aval thundu thundaga vetti veesinal, erithal, pugaithal, theeyil ittal, kovam thanindhadhu, kalai dhamadhamaga ezhundha kovam vegamaga mari, velaikku bus pidikka alaripidithu kilambum namba […]
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What is an Opportunity?

A typical mid-morning in a village; women have sent kids to school, finished cooking and are taking on house chores at a slower pace, while letting Tamil serial dialogues add drama to the otherwise quiet home. Jayanthi walks in to the streets and invites these women “vaanga, school lendu meeting poda vandhirkanga.. Unga nalladhuku dhan..”We’ve […]
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Learning and Teaching

Her eyes sparkled with curiosity; she shot a cascade of questionsWhat is the meaning of ‘following’? Ma’am, what does ‘agrarian’ mean?Does ‘choose the following’ mean, we choose only 1 answer?Where can I find word meanings for science-related words?She checked if she got the meanings of all difficult words she had underlined, as she walked to […]
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Happy News!

A long form was filled out- SURA was applying for a national award. After several rounds of applications and a visit, an email arrives, inviting us as winners of this award. An excited Shivarajani calls the SURA ladies and asks, “I have a really big news! A happy one! Guess what it is?” There is […]
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Last day of school. Ever.

Last day of school. “Bye! I’ll miss you!” she waved to everyone.She walked back; the goodbyes and happy holidays faded into the silenceShe put away her Grade 9 books.She knew it was her last day of school. Ever.She has failed in Math and English. Here is a story of #schooldropoutsMost of our stakeholders who have dropped […]
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