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One shot. One opportunity.

“If I see you laughing one more time while running, you will get a big slap on your face!” This was the captain of a team shouting at her teammate mid-play, who was chasing an opponent. It didn’t seem to affect that catcher a lot but surely did convey to me what was at stake […]
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The Most Stressful Job

What if I asked you to guess the profession that faces the highest level of stress? You may have guessed a soldier, a doctor, a policeman or an investment banker and I have done this short experiment with a lot of people and no has guessed the right answer. The profession that faces more stress […]
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Of colours and choices.

70-75 different products are neatly packed into shopper bags. They travel from their village to Kannarapettai campus, in the overcrowded ‘share-auto’ – we have a few visitors. The big mat is laid out and all the products are neatly arranged, price tags stuck.I walk in and am pleasantly surprised to see the space set up […]
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