Happy 2022

“The pandemic is over? Or maybe not? Is it true that the third wave will impact children the most? Will there be a lockdown again? I hear that vaccines lead to infertility so I am nervous to get vaccinated! Is today a rain holiday? When is school re-opening?“

Hello! And welcome to 2022 at Kanavu – feels like we constantly heard these questions through 2021 and are carrying these into 2022 now, with fresh announcements on school closures in Tamilnadu.

We also want to stop and remember that here’s all what we are carrying into 2022.

We are carrying into 2022, teachers who are acing the game of technology to support learning, who can create and share content, who have completed an online English learning program through our partner ‘Talking Yak’

We are bringing into 2022, a partnership with Gramvaani that has opened up an IVRS channel in Tamil – a technology that enables all our stakeholders to call us to seek specific information, leave queries and get grievances redressed on chosen thematic areas of gender, education and well-being.

We are carrying into 2022, students who have been in schools for about 5 weeks showing us how incredibly happy they were, to be back in schools. Our students also showed us how tough it is for children to warm back to classroom as a learning space.

We are carrying into 2022 a solid leadership team of stakeholders who are evolving into a strong team of second line of leadership for Kanavu; carrying ‘Sura’, Kanavu’s social enterprise – which has a firm e-commerce presence, supporting women to earn an income

It is these, that gives us hope to navigate yet another year of the pandemic. 2021 has taught us to keep moving, even as things get difficult. The phrase we seem to have said the most to ourselves and to our teams has been, “Yes! This is tough ! How can we keep it moving?“

2021 taught us to seek for funds across many streams – we also learnt to hear our no-es as not yet and keep moving on seeking funding to support our stakeholders in Cuddalore region.

2021 taught us yet again, that relationships matter – within our team, with our stakeholders and a larger community of Kanavu champions. We have nourished relationships and it has been an unending source of hope and inspiration. Most grateful for your love, commitment, donations, connections and support.

We start 2022 remembering to pause (& not operate in the moving things mode!), design and move with agility into deepening our impact across education, community development and livelihood generation. We wish you well, as we travel together to realise our dreams for villages of Cuddalore.

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