The day begins with the alarm , singing away early morning. Kitchen comes alive, followed by the laptop. Emails checked and some replies fly out from the kitchen counter, while waiting for the vegetables to cook.
“Which one of you is teaching the extra class slot today? Do you need your breakfast before or after?”
“Me! I’ll eat after- but don’t bother! I will come back and make my own dosa.”

“I am stepping out to join the prayer- I want to meet teachers right after. Will be gone for 30 minutes!”
“I am finalizing kalamkari and drill cotton combinations- Ammu can join me in this activity. You head out and be back whenever- take your time!”
“Have we responded to the donor email, asking for student fee details?
Oops! No, Let me get that as well from the HM while I am at the office.”
“We just got a call from someone who has seen our newspaper article last month – asking if we can deliver 250 bags in a week! This is a big brand – could get more orders. Didn’t want to say no!”
“I can drop off extra materials for this at their village, when am headed to school tomorrow”
“I am super exhausted – need a power nap. Wake me up in 12 minutes?
Yes will do. Would you like to wake up to coffee?!”

“What time is our team meeting tomorrow?”
Isn’t it today? Didn’t we say Monday?
Ah! We should have a better system to schedule meetings. Maybe slack isn’t working for all of us?”
“Where’s the Kindle? I am going to start reading ‘Nine Rupees an hour’ are you done?
Nope! It is such a heavy read – makes me think a lot about just how difficult life in rural India is. Been a slow read!”
“Kanavu camp plans are finalized. We just need 2 more volunteers!
Let me also add a column in the schedule for Ameira – so we know her plans for the day as well! Thank goodness Simba only needs a walk twice a day! Imagine planning for him as well!”
“Today, a child walked up to me and said that van isn’t reaching her village on time!
Wow! This is agency written all over this.
Did you get a picture? This surely should be a story in our 100days series…”
And here’s our story of #infinity – infinite conversations, reminders, small acts of big love, life hacks, tiny conflicts, plans, surprises that run #kanavuhome; that makes #teamkanavu who we are – a small team, with big dreams; creating stories to remember, cherish and share – only until our people, find that voice.
#cometokannarpet to be a part of this journey, carry back a story of two from #ruralindia

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