Respect – The magic ingredient

At the end of a training day, we are all walking back to the closing circle.
“Ma’am.. Just like how we get training, do the volunteers who come also get training?”
“We don’t do a training – but yes, we meet them and run them through the day, help them prepare.”
“Not the teaching part – I see that everyone who comes here is so patient with our questions, treats us with a lot of respect. Even if I don’t understand anything they are willing to explain it to many many times. The more someone is respectful, the more confident I feel, to walk up to them with questions” shared the teacher. Here’s our story of #respect – the #magicingredient in a #learningspace ; a story that shares #gratitude for every enabler, who has made a difference in our #teacherslearningcurve

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  • Deepak

    May 19, 2020 - 5:09 pm

    Mass panteenga. Great article.

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