Complexion Complexities

“Let’s get a team photo- you guys look very fresh and happy today!”
“Ma’am! Can we hold a bag each for the photo?”
“Yes! Yes!”
“Ma’am! Click us fully – don’t cut off our faces or legs from the photo! We see that in the photos you post of our bags, you don’t put faces. Won’t it look nicer if we showed people fully along with our products?”
“We want people to focus on your products- that’s why!”
“Then it’s okay- you can put our faces! Our bags look prettier- we are all so dark anyway…”(and the rest of the sentence is lost in their giggles)
“Ma’am! Let’s get a photo against the cashew trees- this is something we love about our village”

This is our story of conversations – reflecting the things they love and dislike about themselves and their lives; the #ease of sharing it #ruralindia  #conversations #sura #workingwomen

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