Rainy Days

“I saw on news about today’s rain holiday when I was just about to leave. Decided to come to school anyway – can sit and get some work done, so I can be in classrooms once children are back,” says the Head Mistress. Armed with her bag, umbrella in one hand; lifting her sari gracefully in the other hand, she walks in delightfully – looking like she has earned her time to get work done today.
“The rains have been such trouble in our village. So much water all around our homes – my husband fell into a big puddle while riding back home last night. Thankfully he has not sustained any injuries. But anyway, can’t curse the rains – we need this water and more, for the summer,” says our school’s helper aunty, as she joins her hands together, sending a silent prayer of gratitude for the rains.
“What rains all night! Our entire roof is leaking! We slowly got all our goats to climb up on top of the plastic “Sunshade shed” we recently fixed, tied cows under the neem tree and waited under the shed. After a few hours, we walked over to my relatives’ home, spent the night there worrying about our cows and goats,” said the old lady who came home to deliver milk. Here she was, back to gracing her cows and getting on with her day.
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