Full Meals.

The space outside school had suddenly transformed- an otherwise quiet road was suddenly noisy. Music blaring from the loudspeaker, little kids dancing around, families walking in and out of the temple- little shops had sprung up from nowhere- selling little clips, plastic toys, and bangles to vessels. The whole space bore a festive look and the school looked rather gloomy. Walking into classrooms, I figured the teachers had to literally scream to even be heard. There was a dip in attendance and I was checking with the HM about the attendance. She said that today and Friday, there was this temple festival and the attendance will improve Monday onwards. She also quickly added, “ I also worry about the attendance- about how these 2 days it will be difficult to run the school properly. At the same time, I know these 3 days, all children from this village eat ‘Sudu Soru’ (freshly cooked white rice) and ‘elai sapadu’ (full meals) – children will come back happier and will learn so much more!” Her response stayed with me, as she walked me to the temple, introduced me to the people of the village and we enjoyed the ‘elai sapadu’ together – I appreciated this meal deeply; with a better understanding of what this means, in our ecosystem.
Here’s our story of holding the #longtermperspective of things that matter.

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