What is an Opportunity?

A typical mid-morning in a village; women have sent kids to school, finished cooking and are taking on house chores at a slower pace, while letting Tamil serial dialogues add drama to the otherwise quiet home.

Jayanthi walks in to the streets and invites these women “vaanga, school lendu meeting poda vandhirkanga.. Unga nalladhuku dhan..”We’ve come from school and We’re organizing a meeting for you- something good will come out of this for you). There were some curious eyes tracing where we’re going, some discussing what the meeting could be about; while some others continue sweeping or stay glued to the television.

The whispers and speculations is finally broken by a woman. She had little time to spare, as she was on her way to the market to sell a pot full of fish. She asks ‘enna kudupeenga meeting la’ (what will you give in the meeting) The familiarity of receiving freebies, advice, information, promises, resources or money was evident in her tone.

‘Vaaipu kudukarom’ (we’re giving you opportunity), I said. ‘enna velai’ (what work) she asked.
We realize opportunity probably in their head means only a possible economic activity while learning, exposure, skills are not the same as an opportunity.
As an entity that aims to bring in opportunities to build capacity in people of rural India, we wonder what opportunities do they need the most? What do they value the most?

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