“Will it ripen?”

I make my usual stop, enroute from school, to pick up fruits. This old lady, sits by the highway watching buses speed by, making small talk with anyone who is waiting for the bus. She smiles and waves at me, asking me how my daughter is doing. As she packs a big bunch of bananas for me, I ask her, “ Aaya! Will it ripen?” She nods her head; I am still unsure and check with her a couple of times. She handed it over to me and said, “Among all that this wretched God ever made, only thing not worthy of trust is humankind – you can trust everything else in nature – trees will flower, fruits will ripen… If we don’t interfere, everything will happen” I smile, at her simple and profound philosophy – drive away remembering her story – how she lost a lot of agricultural land to poor loans, to gambling, to corporate companies; how she now has to take a bus to the market, go buy fruits and bring them back to sell them here.. I almost heard her saying, “I don’t understand this life – that I lose my land, have to travel to bring back the very fruits that grow in lands I have worked in, in my younger days”

Here is a story of #ruralrealities, of broken trust and livelihoods.

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