Excel with empathy

3 PM.. the school leader moves the chair slightly back.. stretches her hands up.. adjusts her sari pleats and drinks water.. picks up her lunch box and walks slowly to the shed for lunch… As she walks out, she stops to ask me, “Ma’am can you please just help me with adding all the numbers on excel sheet and check if my data entry is accurate?” I agree and walk over to check this… She comes back after a quick lunch and asks me to teach her how to perform addition on Excel.. As she practices it, she remarks, ” Up until last year we would have to take a bus, carry all the records till Cuddalore, wait in a queue in the cyber cafe for this data entry.. one guy will do this slowly.. sometimes we will have to lug everything back and bring it back next day.. on top of it, have to pay 800 -1000 rupees! This year, I can’t believe I have done this myself!” There is a smile on her face that masks her fatigue… As she shut down and picked up her bag, she tells me, “Poor thing that thambi (brother) who does the data entry.. this year he has lost some income..he must have had some plans for that money…” Here’s one story of a #collective that functions in an #ecosystem with empathy…..a story of how struggle brings people together.

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