Parents as Partners

`A warm June afternoon…mats laid out in the big parking area. An anxious-looking School Leader is pacing up and down. making last-minute arrangements. A parent-teacher meeting with a twist – every classroom had prepared for a student showcase, an opportunity to demonstrate what they are learning in class… Just a few days ago, there was a meeting to discuss strategies for parent engagement. “ The only time we see all parents in school is for annual day- they want to see their children on stage!” remarked a School Leader…” Let’s then have children perform in Parent Teacher Meetings as well?!” said another… and today, everything was set up… Students lined up and waited anxiously… Parents started trickling in, one at a time… The village bus was late today… when it arrived, a large stream of parents arrived… The School Leader’s face lit up! The parking space was full… parents stood by the sides.. watched students showcase literacy and math activities, perform songs and conduct a quiz. Smiles filled the room and everyone’s hearts…
Here’s a story of #collectivespaces 

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