Ladies Day Out

“Why ma’am?! Everyone seems to be in a hurry always!!”
“Hey! Do you remember our ma’am had also mentioned about doing something with scrap clothes? This cloth key chain reminds me of that!”
“Look at this, the spacing of the stitching is not the same throughout” (a little joy of finding a similar mistake to theirs, in a famous brand)
“Oh! Wow! Tassels! We have learned to make tassels from Divya Ma’am who had come to teach us artificial jewelry making”
“Look at this chair- it’s fully made of jute thread. When we had used it for our pouches, our neighbors were making fun that we were using ‘chanal kayiru’ as against a golden thread”
The day was full of chitter-chatter like this, when the Sura team visited Chennai, explored shops to understand the market and attended Mottaimadi music, for which they delivered 3000 bags.. A circle completed..

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