Climbing the stairs

It’s the first hour of the day, a poem is read and some words are up. Students are in groups, identifying meaning of some words. I walk around and I see a group trying very hard to work out a clue. I sit down and ask if I can help- there is so much panic in the children’s face as they say, “no no no miss! You go off to the next group!” I am super amused by this, apart from being surprised. One child says, “ We have to climb up the stairs, so don’t help!” I decided not to bother them and walked over to another group and I heard another girl whisper to her friend about a ‘staircase’ – I ask her what this staircase is and she pointed to the board and I saw what this ‘staircase’ was. Kausalya Miss later explains to me, that she saw this in the cover of a notebook someone she knew discarded. She brought it to school and made it her motivation tracker- that’s our story about #motivation to #tryhard  #justschoolthings #kanavuschools

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