Shoba, the sofa.

‘What gives you comfort?’ was picked up as a prompt in our sharing circle. Ela started off sharing ‘sleep’ as the one thing in her life that provides her comfort. “It makes me overcome anything; because I HAVE to hold myself together to make things work at home,” she says. One can’t miss the grit glistening in her eyes.

A shy looking Kayal shared that a massage she gets from her husband and children provides her comfort, whereas for Naveena it was her sister’s company and her care to ensure Naveen gets enough hours of sleep. “She pitches in for my share of housework as well,” she says, with an unmistakable pride in her voice.

Sivaranjani’s turn came and she said ‘However tired my body feels or aches badly, shoba
helps me out instantly’ I wondered who Shoba was; I rattled my brain and
wondered if I Sivaranjani had a sister. Seeing my perplexed look, two more of
them said ‘Shoba ma’am, shoba’ I still didn’t understand, until one of them
said ‘Ma’am its the cushioned chair we sit on!!’ “Aaah! SoFA you mean,” I asked and there was
so much laughter. We all laughed at each other and at how funny English is;
while some of them tried repeating so-fa; and I repeated the /f/ sound- a cute
teaching moment emerged; some friendship got cemented over a difference, that
so often leaves someone feeling embarrassed, for no fault of theirs or ours

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