Floor Space & Stars

Here’s our story of appreciation and small acts of big love #humansofkanavu
‘Children learn and grow in a positive environment of love and encouragement. We have to find ways to make our positivity and encouragement visible’ was a key message of our training on building a ‘Positive Classroom Culture’. Following this, teachers broke into smaller groups and discussed ways to make this tangible and real. Some barriers were discussed – largely fell into buckets of lack of resources (not enough charts, felt pens to make appreciation charts or cards) or lack of patience to remember and do this. Strategies discussed and we closed out for the day.
A few days later in school, find students in pairs, reading, and teacher moving around- marking stars; a tonne of smiles on the teacher and students’ faces; I see other students peeking into other student’s floor space and getting to their own task. The teacher briskly walks over and says, “See! We are using floor space and chalk for appreciation. We work in lands from Bhoodan movement. You keep telling us how space is our biggest resource. Decided to use this space and chalk to start with positive classroom building”

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