Thinking Box!

“My students are always complaining- you are talking about problem solving in the world” sighed Gowthami miss in a teacher’s circle. “Have you tried using a complaint box?” I asked and it was drowned with apprehensions about children’s ability to write, remember about it in the heat of the moment. Other ideas flowed in, discussed other things and the school team meeting was wrapped up. A fortnight later, you walk into the classroom and spot this in a quiet corner – overflowing with paper. But what was even more surprising, was to see that it had the label “thinking box.” Gowthami miss gushes as she explains, “ I started as complaint box and I saw children were also writing ideas and solutions. So I am calling it a thinking box”!
That’s our story of our complaint box becoming the thinking box! It is a story of #hope, that all our children want to solve problems and work with ideas, to make their lives, classrooms and the world a better place.

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