Breathe in… Breathe out…

The room was filled with calm deep breaths – 30 adults breathing in and out in-sync… The gentle breeze added a sprinkle of freshness while the trees swayed in silence – as if they too, were in the meditation space. A soothing voice bloomed out of the silence, asking them to slowly open their eyes with a smile. Teachers walked out of their first ever Yoga class. Sumathy miss stopped to say thank you. She shared,” I have been meeting a doctor for over 2 years now for diabetes and they have been asking me to practice Yoga. When I asked around, I figured I have to travel till Chidambaram town for a yoga class – apart from the cost for the yoga class there is the travel cost. Even if I were to bear the expenses, the bus frequency makes it hard – I have to go right after school and be back by 8 in the night! As a single parent, I know how important my health is and I have been worried about not being able to follow doctor’s advice – bringing this opportunity for me feels like my prayers answered!”
How long is this journey of bridging the gap in opportunities? Here’s our story of #opportunities and the value of opportunities for adults, who are champions of our children. 

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