Lights, Camera, Action!

The school was bustling with activity – students in classrooms, teachers walking around, working out some logistics – we were welcomed with big smiles and curious eyes. The videography crew set up the tripod, camera, and mike – teachers, and parents stood and watched carefully and we said, “Let’s start!” The teachers burst into a giggle and everyone nudged each other – no one stepped forward. “Ma’am I don’t even have a phone. I don’t even pose for a photograph…How can I speak in front of such a big camera?” some of them asked- a bit of cajoling and some firm asks, the video shoot began.
“Every child must solve their own problems,” said our Kindergarten teacher while our second-grade teacher said she dreams of a world where every woman enjoys freedom; a parent spoke about her dreams for her son to lead a ship as a captain – dreams rolled on; each one of them finished theirs in a single take. This for us was a story of the power of confidence – it isn’t always about the first step; or the first words; it is about conviction in the every day, in the work- that shines through, with a little nudge.

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