Chak De!

Me: Can you please introduce yourself?
Sukanya: I am Sukanya; a sportswoman; studied in Cuddalore… I play cricket, kabaddi, and kho-kho…
Me: Great, Why do you want to be a PeT teacher?
Sukanya: I want to teach because I want to lead by example – I want to make sure girls play sports; I can train them and show them that we can play as well as boys ………
The interview progressed to some more questions, the usual ones, logistics, and routine checks- in my mind, she was already hired. In a setup where PeT period is mostly an hour for a teacher to complete notes or for girls to sit under a tree and chat or at the most, play a running and catching game and end of term write an exam – here was someone who made it big and is keen to inspire others. This year, our girls’ teams are practicing kho-kho and all our children begin their days with a sports drill. This, for us, is a story of #dreamscomingalive

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