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Walking the extra mile for quality education
A call from the HM… sharing that one of our teachers, Kani miss had an injury; requiring her rest her fractured leg for 6-7 weeks… discussed a few options to support the classroom, other teachers in school and the teacher herself. My thoughts stayed with our teacher and her family – being unwell in rural India is a costly affair.. the family spends a tonne of money on travel to the ‘town hospital’; they are typically referred to 2-3 doctors who run a bunch of tests or hospitalizes the patient – family has no idea why or what the tests are or when they are likely to be discharged.. all of this is more complicated when the person who is unwell, is an earning member of the family – which is the case for our teacher…
The next day, I am pleasantly surprised to hear students from this Grade3 classroom, reciting away their phonic sounds- I peep in to find someone resembling Kani miss setting up the board. The HM walks in and explains that Kani miss’ family proposed a solution – that her sister will come and teach, using lesson plans that our teacher will create, as she rests at home. For the next 6 weeks, lessons progressed; students were learning; Kani miss’s ideas were brought alive by her sister and the family did not lose an opportunity to earn…|| As we talk about collective problem solving, this story is a reinforcement of the power of local leaders, who design locally relevant solutions… #problemsolving #ruralindia

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